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Weber Next Gen vacuum cooler

Pre-cooling with the next gen vacuum cooler from weber

Standardized, modular solution for up to 8 euro pallets or 7 industry pallets. offering unparalleled value for money, top quality and highest productivity.

The Next Gen vacuum cooler is a standard, high speed solution for vacuum cooling of fresh produce like leafy vegetables and herbs, flowers, more compact vegetables like broccoli, sweetcorn and celery and perishable, delicate produce like beans, mushrooms and sprouts. Based on our vast experience we can advise you in detail on the produce you want to cool. If needed, we test your produce. Either in our special demo cooler at our office, or with one of our rental demo coolers, on location.
This vacuum cooler is built as one integrated system, easy to install. Different room sizes are offered, fitting up to 8 Euro pallets. Three different cooling capacities can be chosen (dependent on produce weight) and up to three vacuum pumps. Full automatic system control, with one touch start/stop.
Base specifications:
  • Vacuum room with hinged, electric sliding or hydraulic swing door
  • Standard models for:
    - 4, 6 or 8 Euro pallets, inside room 1,800 mm wide (2 pallet rows)
    - 3 up to 7 Industry pallets, inside room 1,400 mm wide (1 pallet row)
  • Busch R5/300 vacuum pump, one Bitzer cooling system with air condenser
  • Siemens PLC control with full system regulation

Please contact us and ask for the full specifications.